About us

About us

Kusters Goumans supplies mechanical parts to a wide range of industries. We usually produce them by machining metal and plastics. Most of the end users of our high-quality products are active in the aerospace, semiconductor, medical equipment, optical analysis and machinery/ industrial automation.

The quality of our products is uncompromising. As a result, our clients have relied on us to manufacture their complex products for decades. As the preferred supplier of precision components, our daily objective is to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Please feel free to ask them about their experiences: we only supply excellent quality reliable products, and we don’t shy away from complexity and accuracy. We always achieve our unparalleled level of quality, even when manufacturing complicated products and components.

Unburdening the client

We naturally offer the most up-to-date knowledge and production facilities, and if you would like us to think along with the design process, we would be happy to do so. We can fabricate both prototypes and series production. That multifaceted combination allows us to completely unburden the client, so that you can concentrate on your core activities.

Since we can also conduct all of the inspections in-house, our products are fully suitable for immediate assembly. That is an attractive benefit, because it virtually eliminates the need for intake inspections. We also record our measurement reports, and can guarantee the full traceability of our processes and the materials used. And if you need specific quality documents with your delivery, we can arrange them for you.

Whether it is geometric measurement results, NDT studies in the form of penetrant, magnetic and X-ray inspections or detailed material inspections and certification: we can always provide the correct documentation.


As a modern and progressive company, corporate social responsibility is one of our highest priorities. That means we pay attention to the effects of our total operations on the environment, our people, society at large and the future of our planet.

We recycle all of our metal waste and lead particles, and we use LED lighting. We also apply the best environmental techniques in our smelter, so our operational processes do not produce harmful emissions. And we ensure a safe work environment with a pleasant work atmosphere. In addition, we display our involvement with our local and regional community by sponsoring a variety of organisations and social activities.


Many of our clients are multinational companies, but we also serve a number of regional customers. Our products are exported to several countries in Europe, as well as the US. We also have an expansive network of suppliers.

We are a member of several networks and branch organisations, which enables us to keep up with the latest developments in our field. These include the Metaalunie, Brainport Industries, High Tech Platform and the Metaalhuis. We are also accredited as a training company by the SBB.