Kusters Goumans Lead Shielding:
Extensive expertise in the field of radiation shielding and specialized in lead casting and lead machining

Lead applications

Lead (Pb) is frequently used as a material in machines in places where X-rays, electron radiation and nuclear radiation must be shielded, such as medical devices and analytical equipment. Lead has special properties (for example the high density of 11.336 kg / dm3 at 20˚C) to shield this radiation in a cost-effective way. This prevents radiation leaks and unsafe situations for users, even in extreme (high voltage) conditions. Thanks to those powerful properties, lead is a special product group for us.

X-ray diffractometer X-ray diffractometer
Electron microscope Electron microscope
Medical X-ray scanner Medical X-ray scanner

Our lead products are used in various sectors where ionizing radiation is involved. Ionizing radiation is used in healthcare, for example, when taking X-rays, a CT scan or radiotherapy for the irradiation of cancer. In addition, ionizing radiation is released during the generation of nuclear energy and the production of radioactive substances, but radiation is also used with X-ray scanners for checking baggage, specific measurements in the industry and for scientific research. Consider, for example, material analysis or research into disease cells with the aid of an electron microscope.

Lead material Lead material

Expertise in the field of lead shielding

We have extensive expertise in the field of lead shielding. As one of the few specialists in this field, we cast and machine lead and lead alloys in our company. The unique combination of lead casting and precision machining of lead enables us to produce customized lead parts with very narrow tolerances and complex shapes.

In order to add as much value as possible, we, as a lead supplier are happy to think along with you about your challenges in the field of radiation protection during the design phase or in the (value) engineering of your project. By sharing our knowledge and expertise as a lead specialist, we enable you to:

  • To be able to bring innovations to the market faster in a safe way,
  • Make the right trade-off between the use of (standard) sheet lead, adhesive lead sheet or lead blocks versus casted and machined lead parts,
  • Optimize the design by taking into account manufacturability and / or
  • Cost savings to be achieved by integrating the functionality of various components into one lead component or lead assembly (for example, structural function and radiation shielding).
Gegoten en 5-assig gefreesde looddelen Casted and 5 axis machined lead parts
Gegoten, nabewerkt, gelakt en geassembleerd loodcomponent Casted, machined, painted and assembled lead component

Lead casting

The castings are produced in our own foundry with ovens with a casting mass of max. 350 kg. Here we can pour lead into various alloys. We also have a tool shop for the development and manufacture of simple molds and complex lead molds made of steel or aluminum.

When screw threads are to be applied to a lead part, we often use inserts that are included in the casting process itself. That way, we can guarantee a durable screw connection for the lead parts.

We can produce parts made to measure through casting, but the shielding parts are usually machined afterwards (lead machining).

Lead casting Lead casting
Lead casting Lead casting
Lead foundry Lead foundry

Lead machining

Because requirements for surface roughness and visual quality are constantly increasing, we often produce CNC machined lead components.

With the help of modern techniques, including (automated) turning and milling, we can produce a wide variety of lead parts, including complex designed lead rings, lead bushings, lead discs, lead caps, lead containers, lead plates, lead covers, lead plugs, lead strips, lead blocks, lead plugs, lead sleeves, lead housings, lead containers, counterweights and shutters.

Click here for more information about dimensions of lead processing and the range of our machines. In addition, we are able to combine lead (alloys) with other materials by casting, gluing or soldering.

Lead machining Lead machining
Milling machining centers with automation Milling machining centers with automation
Precision machining Precision machining

Quality and ‘ready-to-use’

To ensure that you can focus on your core competencies, we provide a clean and ready-to-use lead product that can be mounted directly, possibly in a clean room environment.

Lead can be a polluting and fragile material with high risk of damage during handling and transport. With our "ready-to-use" quality products, we guarantee a reliable process and we minimize additional failure costs. For us, quality means reproducibility and a high level of finish.

Lead machining Lead machining
Lead machining Lead machining
Lead finishing Lead finishing

Additional services

Surface treatments:

Depending on your wishes, we provide lacquering, coating or nickel plating of lead components.

Guaranteed certainty through inspections and certifications:

To eliminate time-consuming and expensive entry checks, we can provide inspection reports, certificates (including measurement reports, material certificates, CofC’s, FAI’s, PPAP’s and FMEA’s) and information about RoHS and REACH statements. Kusters Goumans is certified according to NEN-EN-ISO 9001: 2015 and also uses protocols according to EN / AS-9100.

Unique cleaning process and cleanroom packaging (2019):

For lead components that are used in vacuum environments, we have options for cleaning lead products and cleanroom packing in our company. For cleanroom assembly, lead is usually burned off for a long time to minimize fumigation. Because of the properties of lead, ultrasonic cleaning is not possible and cleaning agents damage the porous surface of lead. That is why we have developed a unique and innovative cleaning process for lead components, with which you can shorten the burning off process.


If desired, we can also assemble parts, supply mechanical (sub) assemblies or supply assembly-level kits.

Packing and shipping:

Depending on the application and your logistics process, we can arrange packaging and (international) shipping.

High end packaging High end packaging
Inspection Inspection

Lead and sustainability

To prevent environmental pollution and emissions to the internal and external environment as much as possible, we apply the most modern environmental, extraction and filtering techniques. During our production processes, occupational hygiene and ergonomic measures ensure optimum protection for our employees.

We produce our lead products in various lead alloys, but in general we opt for lead alloyed with antimony (including PbSb4, PbSb7). This alloy considerably increases dimensional stability and mechanical strength. But more importantly: lead in that form is a very sustainable product. It is 100% recyclable.