Our innovative, high-quality machine park enables us to offer a wide range of services. One unique product group is lead parts and components: this specific material is unsurpassed for use in radiation shielding parts and components.

Every day, we manufacture precision mechanical parts and components in accordance with our clients’ specifications. Lathing, milling, grinding, honing and polishing are just a few examples of the machining operations we can perform in-house.

Our product dimensions vary from just a few millimeters to machined products up to 600 millimeters. We can produce one-off items or large series, as needed. Usually we manufacture mono-parts, but we can also perform the assembly of machines or parts of machines upon request.

In addition to machining and assembly, we also produce lead parts and components, as this material is often the first choice for radiation shielding or counterweights. We therefore use lead to fabricate precise shielding parts and complex counterweight designs. These products are often composites or fitted with other components and materials.

Machine park

Our innovative, high-quality machine park enables us to offer a wide range of services. These include:

  • Conventional lathes and mills, drills, shapers and taps
  • CNC mills and machining centres (partially with pallet changer and 24/7 automation)
  • CNC lathes and lathe-mill combinations, usually equipped with shaft drive and/or power tools for integrated milling and finishing.
  • Surface grinders and dressers
  • Honers
  • Miscellaneous, including saw, glass beading installation and deburring machines.

Additional services

We have an expansive network of suppliers, which enables us to offer our services in addition to a complete range of surface treatments, heat treatments and custom packaging.

We also have the right contacts for the purchase of materials, ferrous and non-ferrous casting and forged parts, in order to offer a complete range of products. That is good to know, because our clients only need one point of contact for their desired product. We can also package and/or assemble the finished product, upon request.

In addition, we can take the work of purchasing and logistics of the parts for assembly out of your hands, significantly reducing your costs for handling, administration and purchasing, which automatically reduces your total cost price.